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Law Department Efficiency Desktop™

No Law Department Left Behind

How to tackle the challenge of 

implementing technology

   Though the process of implementing technology in the legal department can be daunting, there are steps which will make attorneys more efficient without changing the way they have always operated. The DeskTop is a system that was 'designed by in-house attorneys for in-house attorneys.'

   There are many ways to make a law department more efficient but the simplest is to set up a system that puts workproduct content on a shared system that allows all attorneys to view the same document without having to fax, email or even FedEx.  Collaborations and discussion can all be captured as part of a document; notification and approval of changes can be automatically sent to another party for review and approval.  

For instance:

·    Integrated workflows with outside counsel will allow in-house resources to assume much of the work now performed by outside counsel;
·    Supporting a workproduct library to other attorneys will keep lawyers from re-drafting or researching already available information;
·    Requesting budgets from outside counsel before a matter starts and tracking billing against the budget is the single most significant ‘best practice’ to reducing billing.​ 


Law Department DeskTop Services (DeskTop) simplifies the integration between a corporate law department and outside counsel.  
The DeskTop consists of many different templates that support each aspect of workproduct managed by an in-house law department.  These include:
  • Litigation
  • Compliance
  • Employment and Labor
  • Leases
  • Environment
  • Securities
  • Workers Comp
Please view these brief PowerPoint slides to learn more about the DeskTop, what this unique application does and how it benefits your law department:
The DeskTop is extremely flexible and adaptable to different corporate legal or law-related practices. The following slides show a DeskTop customized for the insurance industry: